Stephanie Corneliussen: HBO Says Goodbye to ‘Hello Ladies’ With a Great Dane [PHOTOS]

HBO wraps up Stephen Merchant’s Hello Ladies tonight with a big finale called Hello Ladies: The Movie–and that’s kind of interesting. We don’t think HBO has ever wrapped up a series like this before. Maybe the network just felt bad for canceling the show featuring Merchant, who’s now still best known as the co-creator of the original UK version of The Office. Merchant managed to win over some American fans (like with his lip-sync skills), but Hello Ladies never took off as a series about a creepy British guy trying to score in Los Angeles. [photo via…]

Hello, Ladies sure scored with some sexy cast members, though. Merchant brought in lots of sexy babes to the show, including Jessica Sonneborn, Bree Condon, and Natalia Urgrina. Hello Ladies: The Movie also scores big with Stephanie Corneliessen, who caught our eye on an episode of Royal Pains last summer. It turns out that we’d somehow missed out on this Danish beauty as a sexy sand witch–um, desert witch in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, but we’d sure seen her in an anonymous turn as a creepy beauty in an ad campaign for American Horror Story.

Maybe American Horror Story will catch on to bringing Stephanie into a cast someday. For now, let’s enjoy this Copenhagen stunner on a good show that’s going out quietly. Check out these pics, though, and you’ll see why Stephanie can still take it out with a bang…

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