University of Michigan “Highlight Reel” Contains No Football, Just Parties And Tailgates [VIDEO]

University of Michigan party video fall 2014

After a historically miserable year of Wolverine football, it’s only fitting that the best “Michigan Fall 2014” recap video contains zero seconds of game footage. That being said this clip does a great job of demonstrating that a 3-5 conference record isn’t about to stop University of Michigan students from wild’ing the f*ck out.

Check out this amazing GoPro footage of some of the craziest parties in the Big 10.

‘Dat night game footage, though, right?

First off, kudos to Daniela Allen for filming this (having a chick film a video makes the appearance of hotties so much less creepy). And also, shout out to Tri-Delt over at Michigan as a whole for having some down-a** sisters not afraid to day rage.

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