WATCH: Kevin Garnett Attempts To Bite Joakim Noah [VIDEO]

Kevin Garnett Attempts To Bite Joakim Noah video

The beginning of the 2014-15 NBA season has been rough on the Brooklyn Nets. The team is winless in seven games against teams with winning records. And maybe that frustration got to Kevin Garnett a little bit on Sunday afternoon during Brooklyn’s 102-84 loss to the Chicago Bulls. That’s how an NBA game briefly looked like the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.

Garnett attempted to bite Joakim Noah, and claimed after the game that he was just “messing around in that moment.” The NBA may take a completely different view of that and the idea of just messing around trying to bite someone. Noah thought it was funny in the Bulls’ locker room after the game according to though so maybe it wasn’t as bad as it would appear. Here’s a look at the (attempted) bite…

There has been a lot of trash talking between Noah and Garnett over the years so maybe this was Garnett’s new way to getting Noah’s attention to attempt to get under his skin. Garnett will now have to wait and see if the league decides he deserves some sort of fine for his bite that didn’t connect. Noah probably should be laughing that it didn’t work.

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