WATCH: Referee Gets Knocked Out During LaSalle/Vanderbilt Game [Video]

Referee Knocked Out LaSalle and Vanderbilt Video

There’s some debate over Mickey Rourke’s recent KO in Russia, but nobody’s arguing last night’s KO during the game between LaSalle and Vanderbilt at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  Referee Rick Crawford was in the midst of the tip off when he took an elbow in the face from Vanderbilt’s center Damian Jones. It was a serious hit to start with, and then Crawford hit the court hard. That pretty much shut up the crowd.

Of course, we only made that Mickey Rourke joke because we’re hearing that the ref is fine today. He could remember everything that happened. That’s pretty impressive, because we attended a few college basketball games where we blacked out during the first quarter and still can’t remember a damn thing. Anyway, knowing that will make you feel better about enjoying this weird moment…

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