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WATCH: Mickey Rourke TKOs His 29-Year-Old Opponent In Boxing Match [VIDEO]


Mickey Rourke Boxing KO in Russia

62-year-old Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke TKO’d his 29-year-old opponent in a Russian exhibition boxing match–because he’s Mickey Rourke. We don’t mind admitting that we’re impressed, either. For those who don’t remember, Mickey Rourke was once a big Hollywood sex symbol who was also regarded as a great actor. Then he went a little wonky with his fame, and mixed some┬áplastic surgery addiction with a devotion to an amateur boxing career.

That kind of thing left Mickey with a really weird-looking face. One of his last great films in the ’80s had him buried in makeup as a guy named Johnny Handsome, and then he began his comeback buried in makeup as Marv in Sin City–but he followed up Marv with the title role in The Wrestler, and Mickey’s been legitimately back ever since.

This return to boxing seemed like a return to weirdness, but Mickey sure surprised us. We thought he’d be a 62-year-old joke in the ring. Now let’s get him another cool film role…

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