Watch: Johnny Manziel’s First Touchdown in the NFL — And A Painful Fumble [GIFS]


johnny manziel gifs first touchdown fumble same game

The good news: Johnny Manziel stepped in for the Cleveland Browns after quarterback Brian Hoyer was benched in the fourth quarter¬†, and then Johnny Manziel revved up the team for a long drive ending with his first NFL touchdown, as immortalized below….

The bad news: The brand new hero¬†followed that up by going from Johnny Football to Johnny Fumble, courtesy of this foul-up that assisted the Buffalo Bills in scoring a touchdown…

Damn. That’s a real high and low, right? It’s going to be hard to guess if Johnny’s celebrating tonight or not .On the other hand–and in the best news of all–he’s going home to Colleen Crowley, right? This all seems kind of moot now…

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