WATCH: Slow Mo Guys Use Electric Bug Zapper in Slow Motion, Spark Thanksgiving Controversy [VIDEO]

The fun guys at the Slow Mo Channel on Youtube have come up with a really fun idea for Thanksgiving–and useful, too, since it’s time for most of the country to put away the electric bug zappers. Yeah, that’s right. The Slow Mo Guys have put together a video that shows exactly what happens when a flying insect hits one of those things, briefly causing a flash of light and some shocked looks during the outdoor barbecue.
As it turns out, though, this new video¬†has shocked lots of other people. It seems that some folks really don’t like the idea of a fly being sacrificed for the ¬†purposes of education. As a result, we have a Thanksgiving controversy that’s a lot more fun than the usual one where the vegan at your table goes on about how Thanksgiving is really Genocide Day. Youtube comments are always fun, but especially when they have this kind of action…

Anyway, check out the really cool video for yourself. We doubt that it’ll make you lose your appetite, unless you’re easily disgusted by really sensitive types–and it’s not like you have to read the comments…

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