Phuc Kieu Arrested, May be the Ultimate Florida Man [VIDEO]

Phuc Kieu has been arrested in Florida, and this is a story where the generic “Florida Man” is just not sufficient. Of course, we love Florida Man. We love reading about the exploits of Florida Man on Twitter (“Florida Man Assaults Friend With Bucket”) and on Reddit (“Florida Man Escalates His Escalade”). Florida Man is always up to something, anyway.
But in the case of Phuc Kieu, we might be looking at the kind of Florida Man who just can’t be anonymous. Not that we’re making light of Phuc Kieu getting arrested in Orlando, Florida. These are some very serious charges. Specifically, Phuc Kieu is charged with attempting to rape a man. Or maybe Phuc Kieu was just trying to steal the man’s money, which allegedly ended up in Phuc Kieu’s possession (along with the man’s backpack) after Phuc Kieu tries to straddle his alleged victim.
And it all began when that victim walked past Phuc Kieu while the 58-year-old Florida man was sitting in his Honda Civic on a Sunday afternoon and watching gay porn on a DVD player. We like to think it all ended when a cop said, “What’s your name?”
Anyway, get the whole story from the Gainesville Sun, and marvel at how it took a few days for this ultimate Florida Man to make the national news. We’re thinking that the national media has just been a little nervous ever since that big airplane crash that took the life of Ho Lee Fuk…

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