Ferguson Riots: Photos From All Over The Nation [GALLERY]


The sun has come up on a lot of destroyed buildings in Ferguson, Missouri–and there were lots of rioters all over the country in the wake of last night’s decision not to indict Ferguson police offer Darren Wilson for the death of teenage Michael Brown during a police arrest earlier this year.  [photo: David McNew/Getty]
Here’s a collection of photos from all over–from the burning buildings of Ferguson to the masked protesters of the big cities. You’ll see a few V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks, of course. Don’t forget that the big corporation of Warner Bros gets a royalty on those. Other protesters went for more of a Purge vibe, and we also have photos of people just showing their faces while marching through New York City, Chicago, LA, and more. Take a look and see if you join us in just being glad that we stayed in last night…

CNN's Don Lemon Videobombed in Ferguson: "F**k You CNN" [VIDEO]
CNN's Don Lemon Videobombed in Ferguson: "F**k You CNN" [VIDEO]
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