Remember Last Year's Snowy Drug Deal on Live Television? [VIDEO]

As we’re once again awash in snowy weather coverage, let’s remember a highlight from the coverage of the winter of 2013. A valiant reporter was covering school closings and other weather chaos in Boston as some real news unfolded right behind him–meaning what pretty much looked like a drug deal right over his shoulder.
Yeah, that was cool. We’re still thinking that enough time has passed for us to just consider that the whole thing was staged. It’s a little too perfectly framed and obvious–and we say that as people who see drug deals going on all the times in parks and clubs. It’s still funny, though. If those two guys had been around this year, one of them would’ve just shouted, “FHRITP!”
Also, this video is fascinating because of the guy who’s just hanging around and videotaping his television. How does that work? Are snow days really that boring in Boston? At least he’s appreciative of the two savvy news anchors trying to keep a straight face when the camera cuts back from the live feed. Anyway, check it out, and let’s hope for more fun moments like this in the upcoming winter coverage…

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Stocking Stuffers For Her [Links]
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