Drunk Girl In Public Video: These Guys Aren't Rapists And Should Call A Lawyer

The Drunk Girl in Public video out of Hollywood is staged, and that’s not even the creepiest part. The really horrible thing is how the poor guys in the video were screwed over in amazing new ways. But first, let’s note that COED has always been more into Princess Leia Walking the Streets of NYC. We were a little bit suspicious of the Drunk Girl in Public video, but sure thought that the guys in it deserved to be named and shamed if the video was a hoax. Hell, especially if the video was a hoax.
Now we feel sorry for the guys. It turns out that idiot videographer Stephen Zhang is really desperate for clicks. In fact, he was so desperate that he actually recruited the guys in the video to act all creepy and date-rapey while trying to lure a seemingly-drunk woman back to their place. The poor guys were just trying to help out a struggling videographer shooting an alleged comedy sketch. Instead, they found themselves depicted as poster boys for rape culture.
Fortunately, The Smoking Gun is helping these poor men get the word out about how they were exploited. Zhang seems like a real creep himself, and his idiot sidekick Seth Leach has already told one of the poor guys that the video “is going to get [him] well known.” In truth, Zhang pretty much did the equivalent of hiring a guy to lurk around a house in what was supposedly an ad for home alarm systems, and then posted the video as actual footage of a rapist on the loose.
We’re not really litigious here at COED, but here’s hoping that Josh Blaine (dude in the long-sleeved gray t-shirt who’s defending himself on Facebook), Mike “Mokii” Koshak (in backwards cap and muscle shirt), the singularly-named Ashtray (in the green shirt), and anyone else involved takes Stephen Zhang and his over-7-million page views to court.
And, yeah, we’re including the video below, but just as a remind of the heinousness of Zhang’s stupidity. Also, more clicks make it even easier for these innocent guys to go after Zhang…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvq6pH5Rheg]

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