Startled Mom Buys Toddler An Evil Stick — We Want One, Too [VIDEO]

Every true lowlife knows the joys of the $1 store–but we’ve never found anything as cool as what an unsuspecting housewife discovered in Dayton, Ohio. She was drawn in by a hot pink package that featured a plastic fairy wand shaped like a flower. The lettering was just as flowery, so maybe she didn’t notice that she was buying her child a toy called an Evil Stick.
As it turns out, the Evil Stick comes with a big surprise. Peel back the foil, and there’s a special pretty picture waiting for you…

Yes, it’s a sweet picture of a demonic girl digging a knife into her arm! We’d buy that for a dollar, to quote Robocop. Hell, we want to buy about 100 of those things and send them out as Christmas presents. Also, the wand lets out an evil laugh. That’s some serious value for your money.
Sadly, we only know about this because the outraged mother went complaining to the local news in Dayton. The good news is that Amar Moustafa is proud to own the $.100 Store, and he says that parents should try reading the lettering on a toy that they’re buying for their children. We totally agree–and if you know a parent who’s lazy enough to have made a similar mistake, then send that Evil Stick on to COED. We’ve hit every place in Chinatown and haven’t found one yet. Check out this news report, and you’ll want to see if the the $.100 Store delivers…

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