15 Reasons Why NYU Parties Harder Than Your School

There are people who believe that their school parties hard, then there are New York University students who know the truth. This post is for those in the former group.

There’s no denying the fact that any college student who chooses to move to New York City is clearly looking for a wild lifestyle. Besides the fact that NYU was rated in the Princeton Reviews top 5 “Dream Schools for College Applicants” and is a top ranked university in the nation, this school clearly knows how to do it big. Whatever nightlife you’re looking for—from the cheap bar scene, to the lavish club life, to the hipster BK rooftops—New York has it all and it’s right at the NYU student’s finger tips.

NYU students get to experience the rowdy NYC nightlife (and day parties) to the fullest. Here at the 15 reasons why NYU parties harder than your school:

1. Because location, location, location. NYU is located in the heart of the coolest Manhattan neighborhood: Greenwich Village. (Walking distance or a short subway ride from any bar/club in the city.)

2. Because the people in this city are beautiful. Not to mention that almost all of them are models.

3. …And they’re all ready to spend major flow on a table at the hottest places in town.

4. Because every actress, singer, and Victoria’s Secret model parties at 1 Oak on the weekly.

5. Because the pizza in this city is amazing and you can get a slice for a dollar at 3 AM at 2 Bros. Yes, 1 dollar.

6. Because there are hundreds of bottomless places where you can eat and drink whatever you want, for hours on end, for less than $25.

7. …Not to mention that there’s a happy hour spot on every corner of the East Village where you can get drunk at with your friends after class.

8. Because you can get anything delivered to your dorm or apartment at any time of the day or night. Even your booze. Seamless= life.

9. Because The Standard Beirgarten has mugs of beer the size of your face and is open afternoon and night.

10. Because Fiddlesticks has happy hour Monday-Friday till 10 pm where you can get pretty much any drink you want for $3.

11. Because you can drink anywhere here. A comedy club (The Stand, NY Comedy Club, etc.), a barbershop (The Blind barber), behind a thrift store (Beauty and Essex), at a weird circus/burlesque club (The Box). Anywhere.
[Editor’s note: COED is not responsible for your Open Container violations. Although if you get one, they’re only a $25 ticket, they don’t go on your record, and the police let you finish your drink.]

12. Because Brooklyn has “After Hour Clubs” like Output, Paper Box, and Beef Cuts where you can party until 10 AM.

13. Because there’s some sort of festival or concert here every weekend to go to.

14. Because even though NYU sports aren’t really a big thing here, you can go to any Giants, Knicks, or Nets game for cheap prices with the student discounts.

15. Because it’s New York. And who wouldn’t want to live in the most diverse, coolest city in the world for their college years, when they’re still not too worried about real life.

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