Study Abroad Exposed: Paris, France

In every college students life there is a time when they can pretty much forget about taking those tough college cores and instead focus on what’s really important: partying in a new country and traveling the world. This time is the coveted semester abroad. Whether you’re going to Europe, Asia, or Australia you can use this semester to find that hot foreign chick you’ve been dying to meet or try that German beer you’ve read about. We’ve come up with some of the best places to begin your wild adventure; but read with caution because you may never want to leave! This is “Study Abroad Exposed!

The city of lights, love, wine, and culture… Paris. Who wouldn’t want to spend 6 months out of the year in arguably the most beautiful city in the world? I know I would! Paris is known for it’s savory food, rich wine, alluring locals, and picturesque locations. With such an amazing city at your fingertips, you’ll always have something cool to do in Paris.


Because Paris houses some of the most gorgeous, stylish, and hippest people in the world, it has to tailor to their needs… and it does this with its luxurious nightlife.

The clubs, bars, and lounges in Paris are all top notch. You can be walking into a tiny dive bar on a little French road you wandered off to with your drunk friends, and you’ll still be faced with the sickest people and vibe!

Matignon Club is number one on our list for Paris nightlife. It’s located right near the Champs Elysees so you’ll find the coolest people partying in this basement club.

The environment here is crazy with loud music, big crowds, and non-stop bottle service! This club is known for its beautiful partiers who are dressed to the T so make sure you look good stepping in here because it’s the place to be seen at.

Next up is the coolest little bar in Paris: Le Sherry Butt. Sherry Butt is the place to go to when you’re looking for an escape from those massive nightclubs and craving a cozy bar with the BEST custom cocktails in the city. These cocktails might as well be made by magician hands because the ingredients are crazy good. It’s a New York style hipster-bar with dim lighting, huge mirrors, and loud music making it a sexy spot to spend the night!

Have you ever spent the night drinking cocktails out of a baby bottle? Me either… until I stopped by Zero de Conduite. This place is like no other. Each drink is titled with a drawing of a cartoon character and you cant order one until you draw the little animation onto the dry-erase boards that the bartender gives you! You’re then served your cocktails in the funniest baby bottles making it the perfect spot for the Instagram pics you need. Come here with a group of people looking to laugh and get drunk while playing the many games all around the bar!


From crepes to soufflés to steak frites, Paris is killing the food game. Don’t expect to come back from this city any thinner because us American’s haven’t really mastered the Parisian way of eating all the carbs in the world, but still having a rocking bod.

The restaurants in Paris are endless and serve dishes that will make your mouth water. Here’s a list of some of my favorites in the city:

Le Matignon (French)
L’avenue (French)
L’entrecote (Steak Frites)
Le soufflé (All types of Souffles)


Paris is home to many famous events known throughout the world, so it was hard to pick just one. But one of the coolest events in this city is the Tour de France!

The Tour de France is the largest-known bike race in the world and has been going on every year since 1903. The race is about 3 weeks long and ends on the Champs Elyses so what better way to spend the day than pregaming with friends and heading out to the famous street to cheer on the bikers as they celebrate their finish!

Photo Ops

Getting lost in Paris may be one of the best ways to spend your day. Who knows where you’ll end up… walking down a narrow neighborhood street, shopping at a local flea market, or enjoying a glass of wine at a quaint café. From these charming spots to the more famous attractions, you’ll have a handful of selfies and scenery pics to choose from. The most obvious photo op will be at the Eiffel Tower! Take the elevator to the top of the tower to get an amazing view of the city. For all you art connoisseurs and culture enthusiasts visit the many exhibits at The Louvre and snap some shots in front of the glass pyramids! Don’t forget to Instagram your wine and dine picnic at Luxemburg Gardens! Or why not take a relaxing boat ride down the Seine River to enjoy the city’s scenery?

Take an easy train rides to San Tropez or Nice to spend the day lounging on a beach or partying at a luxe day club, like Club 55 in San Tropez.



– Movies that take place there (Midnight in Paris, The Da Vinci Code, From Paris with Love)
– Instagram Locations (Champs Elysees, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles)
– Weather (Warm summers with some cold nights; Spring and Autumn is mild days with chilly nights; Winter sees no sunshine and has cold nights, snowfall is rare)
– Attitude towards American guys (Parisians are known for being snobby towards American but this is not always the case—some people can be unaccepting but most are very friendly and charming. If you display any sense of the language people are more likely to talk to you)

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