Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker Scored Two Pukes Last Night [GIFS]

Hey, who won in last night’s game with the Pittsburgh Steelers going up against the Houston Texans? The answer is GIF Nation, because nobody really cares that the Steelers managed an amazing rally against Houston to win at a score of 30-23. What matters is that Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons was on camera and puked right before a snap. It’s kind of hard to miss…

And then we must have gotten drunk and bet a lot of money on Lawrence Timmons never puking on the field again, because this happened shortly afterward…

Anyway, we’re pretty sure this is all good news for Lawrence Timmons. We saw this movie called Any Given Sunday where Jamie Foxx pukes right before making his big-league football debut, and he went on to win the Super Bowl. Well, it wasn’t called the Super Bowl. Any Given Sunday seems to take place in an alternate reality where the World Football League took off back in the ’70s.
Puking is still an NFL thing, though, and Timmons sure isn’t the first player to hit the field. Check out the Cincinnati Bengal’s Matt Scott in his puking debut, too–which ends up in a touchdown.

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