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Bengals Backup QB Goes Willie Beamen–Pukes Then Throws TD [VIDEO]


Matt Scott

Last night during the Bengals vs. Chiefs preseason game, 4th-string QB Matt Scott (University of Arizona) stepped on the field for the first time in his NFL career. And how does he handle the pressure? By pulling the old Willie Beamen and puking on the field and then throwing a TD.

This isn’t the first time that Matt’s left it all on the field. In fact, it’s the third time in two years.

Twice at Arizona (where it was initially thought he was puking due to concussions) and now once in the NFL. Maybe he’s just been nervous the whole time… OK, no, it was really because of concussions.

There’s never been a better time for us to say that there NEEDS to be another movie in the vein of Any Given Sunday. The world needs another Willie.

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