"Archer" & More: The "Treehouse of Horror" Parade Of Simpsons [VIDEO]

It was a pretty good “Treehouse of Horrors” on The Simpsons last night, although we still can’t get used to the annual horror anthology show airing before Halloween. The parody of A Clockwork Orange–leading to parodying plenty of other movies from director Stanley Kubrick–was especially impressive. The payoff, however, was a final segment where the modern-day Simpsons met their earlier alter-egos from the very early days of The Tracy Ullman Show.
This segment had some of the sexiest Marge action ever. We know a lot about sexy Marge action, too. In fact, we’ve compiled hours of footage…┬ábut let’s talk about that later. The big finish to last night’s “Treehouse of Horror” had Lisa Simpson pondering just how many different Simpson families were out there to be marketed, leading to a chilling final parade of all kinds of Simpsons from all kinds of pop-culture trends. Take a look for yourself. There aren’t too many to count, but freeze the right frame to find the tribute to another member of the Fox family…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNGVaN8FPYw]

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