America Wakes Up To Everyone Doing “The Carlton” [VIDEO]

Dancing With The Stars Alfonso The Carlton Video

We were going to make fun of everyone in America getting excited over Alfonso Ribeiro doing “The Carlton” on Dancing With the Stars last night, but then we remembered that we missed out on seeing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dance revival because we were at a Limp Bizkit concert. Well, we were really at The Paramount to see Machine Gun Kelly as the opening act, and we left the show while Limp Bizkit was into their third song (“Hot Dog” ), but there’s still probably surveillance video of us being there, so we’re not making fun of anyone today.

Besides, it’s fun to see Alfonso Ribeiro having some fun. We haven’t forgotten that he was making a horror movie where he was eaten by giant ticks while Will Smith was breaking into the multiplexes in Six Degrees of Separation back in 1993. We’re mainly surprised that DWtS didn’t insist on holding this back until Sweeps Week. In any case, the setting (with partner Witney Carson) is fun and it’s good to see people excited over a ’90s sitcom….


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