33 Most WTF Grandma Photos of All Time [PICS]

Grandmothers aren’t what they used to be. We still like to think of them as sweet little old ladies, but those all died off back in the ’90s. Your own grandmother might have gotten really freaky in a mud pit during a rock concert back in 1969. In fact, your own mother might have been conceived in some kind of bizarre setting. Maybe at the Spahn Ranch where Charles Manson kept all of his female followers.
Have you thought to ask your grandmother if she knew Charles Manson? Well, you should–especially because we need to get used to these weird new grandmothers who are ready to keep hitting us with WTF moments. Consider this gallery of senior citizens who lost their inhibitions just around the time that they found themselves moving into the Old Folks Home.
You’re about to see the new breed of old ladies who can hang with the younger kids and indulge in all kinds of craziness. And there are a few who are just hanging out and putting up with the craziness, but that’s still a long way from the grandmothers who’d use to grab a cane and go after any young girl doing the things that these grannies endorse. So settle in and try to imagine how WTF things are going to get when the girls you know get real old…

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