Domestic Violence Doesn't Slow Down NFL Merch Sales

With all the criticism that the NFL has been getting over the past couple of weeks, it would be expected that fans would be turned off to the game and wouldn’t be buying any official merchandise. Obviously, that isn’t the case. An article by ESPN’s Darren Rovell says that team sales are actually up 23 percent from September 1st through 18th. That’s from the same period a year ago.
People keep claiming that they are made at the league for not doing enough with the recent domestic violence cases, but jerseys are still flying off the shelf. It proves two things. It is that fans care about their team more than anything and are staying away from the offender’s jerseys or that it really doesn’t matter what the players are doing as long as they perform.
Demand is high for NFL gear, and the league will continue to roll in the money. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues as the weeks and months go by. It is something that may not continue for as long as the league and the companies selling the gear would like. Right now though, winning teams are selling their gear leaving the stuff in record numbers.

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Nick Young Making Lakers Rookies Call Him "Daddy Swag"
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