Morning NFL-Players-With-Domestic-Violence-Issues Roundup!

Now that Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen are both on the former players list for their respective teams, that means that just about anyone with any kind of assault or violence charge on their record can be cut. Two more players from the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals are facing just such a future.
Greg Hardy, the defensive end for the Carolina Panthers, has officially been put on the exempt list following the resolution of his domestic violence case. The team just announced Hardy’s exempt status after discussing the matter with league officials. He’s not completely off of the team since he can still be around them but he can’t participate in practice and he also can’t play in any games until the status has been removed.
Meanwhile in Arizona, Cardinals officials are currently reviewing running back Jonathan Dwyer’s status following his arrest on a domestic violence charge. According to reports, he’s facing charges including aggravated assault and preventing someone from calling 911. The chances are good that he’ll be placed on the same exempt status unless the Cardinals want a wave of negative backlash like the ones that followed the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings until they decided to cut their players loose.
The word is officially out across the NFL. If you get caught popping someone off of the field, then you’re not going back on it for a good, long while. No one is safe from this new rule assuming that the NFL continues to enforce it as they should.

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