Nick Young Making Lakers Rookies Call Him “Daddy Swag”


Nick Young continues to make off-season headlines as today it was revealed by that he’s making all rookies refer to him as something other than “Swaggy P.”

Jordan Clarkson of Mizzou admits that he has to call him “Daddy Swag,” although Jordan would prefer the moniker “Scrappy Feet.”

It’s one thing to make someone like Jordan Clarkson call him that, it’s another thing altogether to make Julius Randle (a serious man-child in his own right) follow suit. But Julius has his own nickname he’s supposed to go with. We’re just not sure what it is. That’s because Julius intentionally mumbled the shit out of it when asked on camera.

What makes this even better, though, is that with all the name changes we’re not even sure Swaggy Daddy knows Julius’ real name, calling him “Julian” instead.

If there are any Lakers fans out there who are in a fraternity, it’s worth checking into whether or not you’d like your pledges referring to you as “Daddy Swag.”

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