This Kid Is The Best Thing About Epic Derek Jeter Gatorade Ad [VIDEO]

We don’t usually get too teary-eyed over millionaire sports stars saying goodbye to New York City, but even a baseball-hating psycho will be touched by Derek Jeter’s new Gatorade ad. Yes, you’ll have to pretend that Derek Jeter takes a cab to Yankee Stadium. Get past that, though, and you have Jeter interacting with the real-life New Yorkers who live in the area where Jeter played his way into sports history.

And the realest of the real moments comes courtesy of a kid who got lucky enough to join the young fans brought in forĀ a quick Derek Jeter autograph signing. We’ve been around for the editing of these kinds of commercials, and we can imagine how the moment captured above was quickly flagged to make it into the final product.

So check out the big corporate marketing that’ll tug at your heartstrings–enough that the company didn’t need to drop the bucks on Sinatra’s “My Way,” but that was probably Derek’s idea, and nobody’s saying no to him nowadays…


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