Ref Joe West Gets 1-Game Suspension For Grabbing Papelbon's Jersey

When the Jonathan Papelbon incident happened on Sunday, there were many who wondered if anything would happen to umpire Joe West after he grabbed Papelbon’s jersey during their argument. That discipline finally came down on Wednesday with West getting a one-game suspension without pay. The penalty didn’t seem to fit the crime, though. [photo: Rich Schultz/Getty]
The umpires are supposed to be able to keep their hands off the players even when the players are very upset with a call. West acted in a way where he should have got much more than just the one game. A suspension of seven games just like Papelbon got would have been much more appropriate. That didn’t happen however.
West served his suspension on Wednesday night. Many fans and players have been upset with West over the years for many things he has done. There will be a point where some player really loses their temper and hits West one of these days. It would have been a great time to set a new standard if West would have got a longer suspension for his actions.

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