The 13 Drinks You Need To Know How To Make

In life, it’s beneficial to know how to make a handful of cocktails that don’t involve combining ancient Sprite and your roommate’s dirt cheap grain alcohol that he specifically told you not to drink. After all, when you invite a girl over to “watch a movie,” wouldn’t you rather impress her with your bartender proficiency than disgust her with lukewarm boxed wine someone left in your suite last week? The ideal adult beverage recipes every man should have in his arsenal are inexpensive, not too sweet, and require more than just combining beer and a glass (because that’s not a great recipe). While I assume you’re not trolling Pinterest, looking for the perfect manly cocktails to serve up at your next dinner party, you should still have mixologist knowledge when it’s time to impress a lady. Here are 13 drinks that show you care about someone enough to create something other than a “u up?” text.


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