Drunk Irish Freshman Falls Into Tarp Full Of Vomit [VIDEO]

So it seems that drinking is a big part of the annual traditions at University College Dublin. That includes an annual competition called the Iron Stomach, with the fine Ireland institution inviting students to eat and drink really horrible food. It’s part of Freshers’ Week–which we guess is UCD’s way of saying hello to all of the lucky freshmen.
And we’re really impressed by how efficient they are over at UCD, because the Iron Stomach competition makes it really easy to puke. There’s a tarp thrown down to make a pit, and everyone can just spit and vomit down there because that’s what you do when you eat disgusting food.
But this might be the first time in UCD history that someone has actually fallen down into the vomit pit. At least, it seems that way, judging from the reaction this poor kid is getting. Check out this very unfortunate case of instant infamy–and if you’re some kind of Marketing major, get in touch with the guy about rehabilitating his image over the rest of his years in school. You’re going to be a genius if you can get this guy looking good again…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAkUSVEv9-M]

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