Where Are They Now? Jessica Rabbit & Other Cartoon Favorites [VIDEO]

Cartoon Characters Where Are They Now 1

Do you ever watch the Cartoon Network and wonder where the corporation draws the line on revamping old favorites? Well, we’re a little amazed by how much dark humor they could cram into Sealab 2021. We tried to do some work with the Cartoon Network once, and they weren’t crazy about¬†our idea to revamp the New¬†Scooby Doo Movies with guest star Michael Vick.

Anyway, we think this very smart cartoon by Steve Cutts is where the Cartoon Network would draw the line. It’s a grim look at where some of our favorite childhood favorites have ended up in their (should-be) retirement years. We enjoy celebrating the sexier legacy of Jessica Rabbit, but we’re also really impressed by this cartoon’s look at Jessica in an alternate reality–plus lots of other great characters in bad situations. Check it out, and don’t be surprised if Steve Cutts ends up doing something for Cartoon Network some day. He’ll just have to tone it down–like we wouldn’t, because we have integrity, man…

Where Are They Now? from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

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