42 Boobtastic Jessica Rabbit Costumes IRL [PHOTOS]

Miley Cyrus might be the “costume du jour” (read Hugh Hefner, Paris Hilton and Alex Morgan) but as far as classics go, nothing is better than Jessica Rabbit. The red hair, sleek dress, cartoonish-ly curvy features… It’s enough to warrant being this guy for a short time.

So it should come as no surprise that tons of attractive women dress as Mrs. Rabbit each year. One particular celebrity who comes to mind is Sara Jean Underwood–not just because we’re always thinking about her, but because SJU looked particularly good donning it. That’s got to be one of our favorite photos of her ever.

But we can’t just post pics of Sara in Halloween costumes, can we? Yes, we can but that’s another topic for another time.

Today we’re all about real life women posing as the infamous Jessica Rabbit.

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