Czech Artist Takes Over Trolley Tracks In His Own Private Car [VIDEO]

Pallett Riding Tram Trolley Tracks

A brilliant Czech artist invented his own private form of transportation, and some San Francisco hipsters to do the same and quit complaining about Google buses. No need to share a seat with a bunch of strangers on a public trolley. You can just follow Tomáš Moravec’s lead–as seen on this video–and travel through plenty of cities with your very own Pallet Skate.

We’re pretty sure that the Pallett Skate is just a wood pallet and cart-wheels. That doesn’t make it any less ingenius. Moravec’s video reveals how the attached wheels at the bottom of the pallet fit securely into the tram tracks, and then he’s free to just sail all around his own town uninterrupted! Well, uninterrupted, except for the stares of jealous types who didn’t think of this first…

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