15 Reasons Why Bucknell University Parties Harder Than Your School

There are people who believe that their school parties hard, then there are Bucknell University students who know the truth. This post is for those in the former group.

Bucknell University is in the absolute middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, surrounded by cows and cornfields. Without access to a city of clubs or a slew of bars, students at Bucknell have focused their intelligence on mastering a special type of art: the House Party.

Here are 15 reasons which accurately describe why Bucknell University parties harder than your school:

1. Because the Princeton Review ranked Bucknell as the No. 9 party school in the nation.

2. Because the party houses don’t go by number, but by name. Weekend nights are spent in the basements of “Shark Tank,” “Fire Escape” and the “Taj Mahal.”

3. Because one in every five students is a varsity athlete, so the student “body” is quite impeccable.

4. Because the Flying Bison food truck sells fried mac and cheese every weekend night until 2 AM–enough said.

5. Because half the student population is drunk in 8 AM class Thursday morning.


6. Because we don’t “day drink”, we “super Saturday”.

7. Because the local Dunkin Donuts runs out of iced waters every Sunday morning.

8. Because when the school cancelled House Party Weekend, a student rage committee was created.

9. Because the longest walk of shame is 0.8 miles long.

10. Because the school’s population is only 3,500 kids, so it is almost impossible to avoid your one-night stand.

11. Because guys and girls are both ranked a A+ in attractiveness on College Prowler. That’s reason enough to celebrate.

12. Because of “registers”–annual themed parties that are open to the entire student body and take over entire fraternity houses.

13. Because during what was House Party Weekend, the entire supply of plates and silverware are replaced with plasticware in the dining hall.

14. Because it takes five minutes to get to any party, so weather is never a deterrent for partying.

15. Because you go through a minimum of 5 frackets per year. (frat jackets)

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