Mayor of Bud Light’s Whatever, USA Vs. Beatboxing With Greg [VIDEO]

Beatboxing with Greg Mayor of Bud Light Whatever, USA

They were both in the COED offices, and we couldn’t think of a reason to keep the Mayor of Bud Light’s Whatever, USA from sitting down with Greg Burmeister of Manhattan Public Access’ acclaimed Beatboxing With Greg. Of course, Beatboxing With Greg is acclaimed for Greg’s preference of being a human beatbox over interviewing human guests. It’s a good thing that the Mayor of Whatever, USA was up for whatever–you know, in that Bud Light tradition.

And don’t forget that you can still enter here for a chance to visit the actual town of Whatever, USA, wherever that is.

Anyway, check out the political interview of the year as the Mayor of Whatever, USA sits down–and sits, and sits, and sits–for an exciting talk with the weirdest interviewer in Manhattan. It’s the kind of amazing video that’ll get you saying…well, whatever…

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