Some College Campuses Can't Play "Destiny" [VIDEO]

Some are saying that the new first person shooter Destiny could become the next Halo. Unfortunately, not everyone who bought the game is able to play it especially if you’re on a college campus.
Bungie, the developer of the new shooting game, wrote on their Twitter account that players who live on college campuses are having some trouble playing the game because of an error in the source code. College players who bought the game and try to play them their Xbox Ones and PS4s through a college’s online network are met with an error message screen with the error code “Centipede” that prevents them from hooking up online with other players. College students flooded Bungie’s help section with requests to fix the problem.
The problem seems to have something to do with the code rejecting access on non-institutional ISPs. For now, Bungie recommends opening a new series of ports and playing the game on an institutional network until they can fix the problem. The full list of detailed instructions can be found on the Bungie forums.
This might sound sick especially if you’re a gamer but maybe this is a good thing. We’re just starting the new school year when students are the least productive before the final push to their mid-terms or finals and a brand, spanking new video game that aims to break the rules of first person shooters certainly won’t help.
So in a weird way, this could lead to one of the biggest productivity spikes on college campuses of all time–but, of course, let’s not also rule out a conspiracy. We’ve already warned you about the Destiny/Illuminati connection

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