Jerry Jones is in More Trouble Over Those Racy Photos

jerry jones

Remember when those embarrassing photos emerged of Jerry Jones getting freaky with an unknown blond lady and how we all had a good laugh at the Dallas Cowboys owner’s expense? Well, it’s not so funny now. The woman involved with the photos claimed in court that Jones sexually assaulted her.

A woman named Jana Weckerly filed a complaint in the Dallas County District Court claiming that she was partly involved in those photos in some capacity and that they led to Jones sexually assaulting her back in 2009. She claimed through her attorney that she and two other women posed for the NFL team owner in “the bathroom of a Dallas 5-star hotel” and then went to a dance floor where Jones made it clear that he wanted to get to know the ladies better.

Weckerly also claims that Jones touched her inappropriately and tried to kiss her multiple times without her consent. Weckerly says when she and her friends resisted, he had his bodyguards remove them from the premises. She also said in the complaint that she witnessed Jones committing a sexual act with another unidentified woman.

And then it gets worse. She also claimed that Jones and members of the team’s staff threatened her if she ever went to the police or tried to tell anyone what happened. They made her sign some kind of documents involving the matter and she said that she felt in “imminent fear of her life, safety and well being.” Jones and the Cowboys initially declined to comment on the photos when they first surfaced and the Cowboys again declined the chance to comment on this latest development.

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