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Here’s What You Need To Know About These “Leaked Jerry Jones” Photos



There are three alleged photos of married man Jerry Jones caught in a very compromising situation floating around the internet. I use the term “alleged photos,” because even though in these photos it looks like it could very well be Jerry Jones, we’re talking about a man who practically own Dallas and has lawyers who could eat people like me for breakfast.

But back to the photos. The remaining two are for you to check out below.



These photos were first posted by a man named Frank Hoover on Twitter, along with a link to the PDF that we’ve embedded for you below. I believe that he’s writing the letter to Jerry Jones, with mentions of Levi McCathern (Jerry’s Lawyer).

If you don’t feel like reading the document in full, which I completely would understand, let me do my best to lay out the story Frank alleges.

• Frank claims to have met this man Kevion Hickman (whom he alleges is a pimp and goes by the name “24K”) in early 2011. They started working together to start a charity basketball league along with Mark Cuban and Jamie Foxx during the lockout.

• Charity event falls through.

• While he was hanging out with Jamie, Frank was shown an Apple TV running a program called “Eden.” This is actually a real program called XBMC and is an open-software that allows you to watch all sorts of stuff. Maybe.

• Frank and Kevion start selling Apple TVs with an improved version of Eden for $750.

• Kevion moves in with Frank in December of 2011.

• Frank accuses Kevion of skimming over $25K from their business venture and quits.

• In June of 2011, Frank learned that Kevion had already plotted and executed a plan meant to extort Jerry Jones for money. I assume the “plot” he meant referred to the women you see above taking less than flattering photos with Mr. Jones.

• According to his timeline on page 10 of the document, the money was actually transferred. Meaning that Jerry Jones actually already knows about these photos and tried to keep them a secret. Maybe. I’m not too sure because Frank is actually batsh*t crazy. We tried to call him on the number he gave but no one picked up thank God–I have no idea what I would have said to him.

• I call him crazy but the reality is that he’s probably schizophrenic. In one of the videos he posted on his YouTube page, Frank admits to someone that he takes “medication.” But you don’t have to watch his videos to know that something’s not right with Frank–the entire second half of the .PDF contains sections like:

“I was born on December, 13, 1976 which is 7 years to the day after Pope Frances (who coincidentally shares my name and that of my ex-wife, Francesca, born in Italy) was ordained into the Catholic Church in 1969. I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools all of my life. The year 1976 was also the 200 removed all mentions of Gold from the currency, buildings and other government-related objects.

I have written detailed plans for God’s Revolution which were influenced by God’s hand. My mother was born on January 20 brother was born on July 12, 1980, the day before president George Washington became a senior officer of the army (July 13, 1798). He left the army on December 14, 1799, one day after my birthday. The stars and planets were signs predicting my return and showing me the way.”

Seriously, the only things missing here are mentions of The Illuminati and the return of Tupac.

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