Maryland Football To Wear “Triumph” Jerseys This Saturday

Maryland Terrapins Triumph Jersey

The Maryland Terrapins are famous for having uniforms that push the edge of what is acceptable by the NCAA. The team will do it again on Saturday when they wear a jersey to celebrate the 200th anniversary of “The Star-Spangled Banner”–with uniforms sporting Francis Scott Key’s poem on the helmet, along with an outline of Fort McHenry.

The “Triumph” uniforms can only be worn once because the school got an exception from the NCAA. There is no debating that the uniforms look sharp but it is up to the team now to play well while wearing them and come up with a “triumph” or it is going to look bad. An added touch is the fact that the team’s captains will wear red belts as opposed to blue belts as another military reference.

The Terrapins will be looking for their third straight win on Saturday during their game against West Virginia at home. Don’t be surprised if they try to find another inspiring jersey to wear in the future if they win this game. Who knows which poem or historical event that Maryland can celebrate during their first season in the Big Ten? It could be almost anything.

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