Ray Rice Continues to Get Cut — This Time from “Madden 15”

ray rice

The fallout from former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice didn’t stop with the termination of his National Football League contract. He’s also losing lucrative endorsement deals and appearance fees now that EA Sports announced they are cutting him out of their signature football simulator¬†Madden 15.¬†

EA announced that Rice will be removed entirely from the game with the next update that’s also going to fix the hilarious miniature wide receiver glitch. The roster will only affect new games following EA’s update. Rice will remain in any career mode that’s currently underway but once it ends and the player starts a new one, Rice will disappear from the roster.

It’s not known if his players’ card will remain in the game as well with the upcoming update. This might sound cruel but it’s a shame that he’s out of the game now because we were really looking forward to just tackling the hell out of the guy every chance we could get for being such a heartless bastard. EA should at least put him back in the game as a tackling dummy.

It’s just the latest cancellation for a large organization or company connected to Rice’s name in the fallout of the release of that grisly video of Rice punching his wife in a Las Vegas elevator hard enough to render her unconscious. Nike also announced that they would no longer use Rice for endorsements for their products. Everyone in sports with a modicum of common sense may have seen this coming but all these cuts means he’s pretty much done as a football player for the foreseeable future.

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