Josh Gordon Could Be Back This Season IF NFL Changes Its Drug Policies

josh gordon
It appeared that Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon might have to something else to do this season thanks to a failed drug test. However, a new change in the National Football League’s drug policy could put him back on the field before the season is done.
The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported that the NFL is working on revamping its outdated drug policies and punishments and if they change before the season is done, Gordon’s season long explusion could be shortened. The NFL’s Players Association is currently negotiating with league officials to revamp the drug punishment procedures that updates all players affected by the rule in the current season. Gordon failed a drug test last March and the Players Association is fighting to rescind or reduce his season-long punishment along with other players who faced similar punishments for similar infractions.
The issue has to do with the timing of the announcements of test results and their punishments. In Gordon’s case, he failed his drug test before the beginning of the league’s new year (March 11th) and the Players’ Association are trying to get the league to cut back those suspensions on players who failed the policy before the start of the year. Since Gordon’s bad news came right on the heels of the new year, there’s a chance he won’t have to stay on the sideline for the entire season.
Let’s cut to the chase. The fact that we’re debating timing issues means that the NFL’s drug policy as a whole is outdated and useless. All of this talk isn’t even over a performance enhancing drug. It’s about marijuana, which is at best a cartoon and cookie enhancing drug.

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