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Cleveland Browns’ Josh Gordon Sits Out Entire Season Because Marijuana


josh gordon

Whatever hopes that Cleveland Browns fans had for a successful season will have to be put on hold for another year because their one of their brightest stars Josh Gordon has been benched for the entire season for violating the league’s drug use policy.

An appeal upheld the season long suspension of the Browns’ wide receiver for repeatedly testing positive for marijuana use. The ruling states that Gordon cannot practice with the team, suit up for games or even attend any team meetings or functions for the entire season. His suspension stems from a drug test that showed he had marijuana in his system. His attorneys argued that the marijuana came from a “second-hand” source and that he shouldn’t be punished for something he didn’t purposely put into his system.

Sources told the press that the arbitrator in the case wanted to take a “hard-line stance on the passive smoke argument” and use Gordon’s case as an example for any future claims of second-hand substance inhalation. Gordon also failed a drug test last year and was suspended for four games for what he claimed was “inadvertently ingested codeine” from a prescription batch of cough syrup.

It may be a league policy and marijuana may still be illegal in some places. However, it still seems like overkill to make a player sit out an entire season for ingesting a drug that doesn’t technically make you a better player on the field unless they put a giant Twinkie or something behind the opposing team’s end zone. The sad part is that he probably would have gotten the same suspension if he lived in a place where it was legal.

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