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You’re Not A Real Fraternity House If You Don’t Have These 15 Things


First and foremost, a fraternity is defined by the brothers who are members of it. Close behind, though, is the fraternity house that these brothers call home.

The fraternity house is the all-important place where the parties will be held, beers will be consumed, and women will be undressing. But as you might have noticed, not all fraternity houses are created equal. In fact, some fraternity houses shouldn’t even be called fraternity houses. Some don’t have rooms to sleep in, some aren’t allowed to host parties, and some are just poor excuses for dumps with greek letters hanging over the door. These are all houses that give fraternities a bad name.

If your fraternity house doesn’t have the following 15 things, you’re not a real fraternity house. Your house is incomplete and no one respects you because of it.

Note: For the purpose of this post, we won’t be talking about people. Just objects and things you can buy/build/ask your rich parents for.

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