Return to Dead Island in the "Escape Dead Island" Trailer [VIDEO]

The folks behind the original Dead Island are finding new, fun ways to make up for the repetitive zombie killer that somehow launched a franchise with the upcoming Dead Island 2 and a new Sony exclusive announced earlier today called Escape Dead Island. 
This time, players take control of an enterprising young journalist who is determined to tell the world the truth about what happened on that mysterious island in the first game. The presentation and the game, however, are a little different this time. Instead of running from one place to the next crushing the heads of zombies with modified weapons, the game has more of a comic-book feeling with arcade style gameplay.
This isn’t about ranking up and trying to create the most awesome weapons you can with the material you find. It’s all about smashing as many heads in as quickly as possible as you race between mission areas and uncover the cause of the zombie outbreak and the people responsible for covering it up from the rest of the world.
The new trailer looks absolutely stunning,  and gives a new spin to the usual chore of killing off the undead…
This feels like something that could become way more fun to play than the original game. The first Dead Island was a brave attempt to bring RPG style action to a first person melee game but there were far better games about zombies that took themselves way less seriously at the time. This, however, looks like it could actually be a lot of fun.

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