"COPS" Still Shooting, And A Cameraman Got Shot [AUDIO]

A cameraman filming an episode of the long running reality TV series COPS became part of the story he was filming when he was shot during a shootout in Omaha, Nebraska.
TMZ reported that the unidentified cameraman got hit by a stray bullet while filming the episode sometime earlier today. Police were chasing down an armed robbery suspect at a fast food restaurant with a COPS camera crew following them when gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and the officers. One of the bullets made it past the officers and hit a cameraman. Police eventually shot and killed the suspect who hit the cameraman. Officers called for additional backup and medical crews to help the injured cameraman who was not identified by police by name so his condition is unknown at this time. Police said on the 911 call that the unidentified cameraman was unconscious but still breathing at the scene of the shooting. TMZ obtained a copy of the 911 dispatch call from police after the cameraman was shot. You can hear the call below in the embedded video…
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COPS ran for 25 years on the FOX network before they were abruptly cancelled in 2013 but the Spike network picked up production on the series and has been running new episodes ever since then. Whoever the cameraman is, we here at COED hope that he’s doing OK and will make a full and speedy recovery.
UPDATE: TMZ received conformation that the cameraman wounded in the shootout has died from his injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with the cameraman’s family and friends during this very dark and tragic hour.

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