Simple Sheets Is Either the Greatest or Saddest Dorm Accessory Ever

simple sheets

Someone has come up with a new way for college students to handle the hassle of changing and cleaning their bed sheets. It’s either the greatest or saddest dorm room idea ever and it’s called “Simple Sheets.”

According to the website, each set comes with five sheets: a fitted sheet designed specifically for a dorm room bunk bed, a flat sheet, a pillow case, a storage pocket and something called a “strip sheet.” The only parts of the set that you’ll ever need to wash are the pillow case, the flat sheet and the strip sheet. Each fitted sheet has a layer of velcro on it that attaches to the strip sheet. When it’s time to wash your sheets, all you do is tear off the strip, throw it in the washer and replace it with a clean strip sheet.

The set also comes with a cloth storage pocket that hangs on the side of the bed so you can keep your valuables in a safe place while you sleep like an iPod or a cell phone without having them fall off the bed and smash on the ground, especially if you’re unlucky enough to have the top bunk.

We’re for anything that makes living in a cramped space more tolerable but this borders being more than a little pathetic. How lazy do you have to be to not just throw your sheets in the washer and dryer? It’s not like washing is done entirely by hand these days unless there’s an Amish college dormitory that we don’t know about.

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