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SIU’s 2014 Solar Bear Party Was A Great Way To Kick Off The School Year [PHOTOS]


SIU Solar Bear

Southern Illinois University students–fresh off their summer preparing to defend their title of #11 on our list of The 20 Most Underrated Party Schools–celebrated the start of a new school year with Solar Bear 2014.

From the looks of things, it was a massive off-campus party that involved a bunch of slip and slides, swimsuits, and a motorboating challenge(?). Yeah, these kids were excited to get back into the swing of things.

We’ve pulled some quality videos from the party for you, plus some photos. Check those out below.

H/T to the guy recording the 4th video who shut it off once he saw the chick in the white bikini and didn’t want her to think he was creepily filming her.

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