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Spoiler Alert! Another Famous Name is Returning to “Star Wars VII”



News items like the one we’re about to reveal could either make the most ardent Star Wars fans jump for joy, or revolt with literal pitchforks and torches. Rumors have surfaced that another iconic character from the original Star Wars series will be back for Star Wars: Episode VII

First, just try and guess the character that’s returning to JJ Abrams’ new movie. Seriously, we’ll wait…. We’re sure that whatever answer you gave is wrong because you’re assuming that the new plot will follow the old one or at least as closely as the rules of continuity and exposition will allow. Prepare to have your minds blow: it’s Emperor Palpatine.

Latino Review claims they have solid confirmation that the meltyfaced doucheb*g from the original trilogy will be pulling the strings once again in Star Wars VII in order to regain control over his empire that crumbled at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Even though we saw him fall off that balcony at the end of Episode VI, he could have survived since Luke almost died the same way at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. He’s certainly one of the most evil movie characters of all time for the simple fact that he made Darth Vader likable and a hero in the eyes of most of the fans.

See what the new Stormtroopers will look like here.

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