Meet The New Stormtroopers Of "Star Wars: Episode VII" [PHOTOS]

Stormtroopers have been some of the most iconic baddies in the history of film, so hopefully you can understand why we’re nerding out a little hard now that we’ve got some new information about their helmets and how they’ll look in the upcoming Star Wars trilogy.

FYI, this is pretty much considered a spoiler–so kindly leave and shut the blast doors on your way out if you want to remain surprised.

Yesterday, IndieRevolver revealed that they had “reliable information” that some of the Stormtroopers will be wearing these helmets. Latino-Review then took it a step further and stated that the design is for the generic Stormtroopers, and that there will be different classes/units of Stormtroopers. More on that below.

What you see above is a photo released by… well you can guess because of all the watermarks you see on the photo. But what IndieRevolver didn’t reveal is that this a Snowtrooper–Latino-Review gets the credit for that one. Furthermore, they theorized that these Snowtroopers will be armed with nothing less than motherf*cking flame-throwers. If that’s not the sign of an elite unit, I don’t know what is.

Not an actual piece from the Star Wars set.

And last but not least, Latino-Review revealed a third and new class of Stormtrooper we’ve never seen before: a chrome trooper whose armor the ability to cloak. Guess the Jedi are going to have to wildly swing their lightsabers and hope for the best.

There’s a serious part of me that’s a little upset with the slight design changes they’re making to one of the most recognizable enemies in popular culture, but the fact of the matter is that these movies are taking place after Episodes IV, V, and VI–so technology must have also changed with the times.

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