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Someone Wants to Make a Documentary About the Power Glove [VIDEO]


power glove

Nintendo’s first motion controlled peripheral The Power Glove may have been a colossal failure in its time but it became a legendary creation. Now someone wants to give it the documentary treatment it deserves.

A Kickstarter campaign is underway for a new documentary film about the Nintendo Entertainment System controller called The Power of Glove. Directors Adam Ward and Andrew Austin want to not only explore the history of this legendary video game device and the stench of failure it left on the wildly popular NES but also how it shaped the future of motion controlled gaming and the ways that the totally retro looking device is being used today to shape art, music and even video games. The movie will feature interviews with some of the brilliant minds who worked on the device to explain why it was rushed into production and the artists and hackers who found a way to make it useful in the 21st century. The directors also included a trailer for the movie featuring small snippets of interviews and even some actual marketing footage made by Nintendo to get the word out about what could have been the coolest Christmas gift of 1989…

So far, they’ve raised just over $9,200 of the $15,000 they need to complete their project and if you’re any kind of gamer, you’ll want to help them meet their goal. The Power Glove was an overly ambitious attempt to bring motion controls to gaming at a time when the public really wasn’t ready for such an idea but it did pave the way for devices like the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox One Kinect by doing everything a motion based controller shouldn’t do when it’s released to the public. Lucas was right in more ways than one when he said in The Wizard that the Power Glove was “so bad.”

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