Return to Amityville with “Amityville: The Awakening” Trailer [VIDEO]

Amityville Trailer

Imagine if the people who made the Paranormal Activity movies decided to turn their talents towards the legendary Amityville Horror series. That’s what you’re getting with the latest Amityville movie coming to theaters, and it’s called Amityville: The Awakening

The series picks up its sinister ways with a beautiful Bella Thorne who moves into the infamous house with her mother, younger sister and bed-ridden brother. He’s unable to move or speak but the sinister ways of the world’s most haunted house are causing him to do some sinister and unbelievable things. Scads of maggots and flies start appearing out of nowhere. Evil voices echo throughout the house to kill everyone in sight. Bizarre monsters and creatures start popping up out of nowhere. If that doesn’t sound scary enough, keep in mind that this movie is “based on a true story.”

Great, just when we started being able to sleep again without worrying if some undead demon is hiding under the bed. Yahoo! Movies posted the new trailer on the web…

The Amityville movies are one of those horror franchises that may have overstayed their welcome at one point but this one looks like it could have some legs. It’s got an even more sinister concept by putting a crippled teenager in the demons’ path and with the people who made the Paranormal Activity movies helping it along, they could bring back the same creepy, crawling vibe that made the first Amityville movies such a terror to watch.

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