25 Most Badass Ways to Open A Beer [GIFs]

We don’t expect people to be too patient when getting ready to open a beer–but, you know, sometimes a little flair is a good way to liven up a party. And it’s especially fun if you can open a beer in some weird new way that nobody’s ever seen before. We don’t mean showing off how you can open a beer in a really dainty way, either. We mean opening a beer like a badass. A really thirsty badass.

And these GIFs sure make it look easy. We have no doubt that paying close attention to these drinking stunts will soon have you opening beer bottles and cans like a true tough guy. You might lose a few body parts while getting these moves perfected, but all of that will be totally worth it when you amaze your friends with these smooth moves that open a brew. So just watch and learn, and be sure to get some video of the first few times that you try these tricks. We think there’ll be some pretty memorable moments there…

1. With Another Beer–and we’re pretty sure that you can keep both beers if you try using this as a trick at a party.

2. With Boobs–even if we really do have to recommend wearing a top when trying out this neat trick.

3. With A Frisbee–but make sure there isn’t a dog around, because some poor dog doesn’t deserve to get hit in the head with a beer bottle while you’re showing off.

4. With a CD–and that’s a better use than going with yet another arts & crafts project that recycles your old record collection.

5. With a Chainsaw–although we really ask you to be very careful, because ruining some beer bottles during a party is the most horrific kind of chainsaw massacre.

6. With a Rocket–but please note that this guy is opening a pull tab on a can of beer. Bottles might now work. We’d like to try it for dental work, though.

7. With a BMX Bike–and you get extra credit if you just stroll right up and pull this kind of stunt during the X Games.

8. With a Front-Loader–although we can’t figure out how that bottle doesn’t get tilted over. That brand must really go heavy on the hops.

9. With Your Eye Socket–which is really cool, but we got a bad idea that you’ll end up looking like Popeye if you try this at home too often.

10. With Your Dog’s Collar–because a dog is Man’s Best Friend, and the St. Bernard is the only dog allowed to carry around little barrels of bourbon on its collar.

11. With Your Teeth–but don’t do this in front of cops, because they might assume that you’re the kind of guy who’s just way too desperate to get into a beer. And we still recommend a rocket for removing teeth.

12. With a Pitbike–more specifically, a pitbike being driven by a trusted friend, and we can’t really recommend holding the bottle there. Things could go wrong.

13. With Your Cell Phone–and that’s the only thing that you should be using your cell phone for when drinking. Put that thing away before you call someone.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-14

14. With a Golf Club–but, technically, you’ll need to prop a bottle opener on the bottle to accurately pop your top. Maybe you’re really good at golf, but don’t endanger an innocent beer by trying to take the top off directly.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-15

15. With a Slice of Pizza–but don’t waste a good slice. Use the slice that you wake up to in bed after you’ve already opened a lot of beers with a pizza.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-16

16. With a Mailbox–although we’d rather you not use our mailbox. Especially if you’re our mailman.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-17

17. With a Case Opener–which is especially convenient because it takes too long to take the cap off a beer.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-18

18. With a Hatchet–because serial killers need to down some frosty suds, too. That’s hard work.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-19

19. With Your Pants (Not Your Penis)–but if you can open a bottle cap with your penis, then you’re really on your way to being the life of the party.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-20

20. With a Dagger–preferably while cursing at the bottle and showing it what happens to bottles that mess with guys who have daggers.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-21

21. With Your Seatbelt–which looks really cool, but we’re just going to assume that everybody knows that drinking and driving is bad, while getting ready to drink while driving must be okay.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-22

22. With a Snowboard–although it’s more impressive if you can do it with your snowboard up in the air.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-23

23. With a Motorcycle Wheel–because bikers can’t be caught looking for a bottle cap opener.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-24

24.  With a Carabiner–which is that thing mountain climbers use to scale peaks, and college students put on their backpacks. We like to think the mountain climbers do this after conquering Everest.

Opening A Beer Without a Bottle Opener GIFs-25

25. Um…Did We Already Mention Boobs?

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