Does Your School Buy The Most Late Night Grub?

College students have some weird eating habits compared to the rest of the society because they have to live by a different set of rules as evidenced by a recent survey regarding their food and drink preferences. Some schools, however, chow down more than others especially when it comes to those long late night study sessions or drunken parties where only a big, greasy pile of carbs can sober them up in a hurry.
Once again, GrubHub teamed up with Spoon University to crunch the numbers on American college students’ eating habits and ranked the schools based on the most number of late night orders for food that they place throughout the semester. Syracuse University in New York topped the list as the school with the most late night bite orders. Michigan State University, the University of Connecticut, Ithaca College and Ohio State University rounded out the top five. Cornell University, Tufts University, Le Moyne College, Oswego State University and SUNY at Albany rounded out the top 10 list of the schools with the most late night orders.
The researchers found that, college students place twice as many late night orders for food and drinks as non-college students because they don’t have to spend the entire night cramming carbs into their system in order to stay awake long enough to cram an entire semester’s worth of information in their brains. The researchers also found that the top late night food ordered by college students is pizza because you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Survey Reveals (Kind Of Expected) Basic Food Groups For College Students
Survey Reveals (Kind Of Expected) Basic Food Groups For College Students
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