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Paul Pierce & Al Pacino End Up On Private Plane (And On Instagram)


Al Pacino Paul Pierce Instagram

Some things happen in the world that boggle the mind more than others. A great example would be a recent private jet ride for NBA star Paul Pierce–where he ended up seated next to actor Al Pacino. We know that it really happened, too, because Pierce put a picture up on his Instagram account with the two together.

There’s no explanation of why the two are together on the plane, but it’s a sight to behold. Pacino was in Vegas doing a one-man show. It simply doesn’t make a ton of sense but it is something to think about. First question would be how the two ended up on the plane together. Were there no other private planes available?

Also, there’s the large fruit plane sitting in front of the two. They appear to be ready to dish on that during their long (or maybe short) plane ride. Will we ever find out the details behind this historic pic? Maybe–but for the time being, enjoy the picture of Pierce with his arm around Pacino getting ready to eat.

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